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 2 0 2 3   F A L L  M I N I   S E S S I O N S

These sessions are perfect for families, couples, kids and fur babies!  All mini session days will take place at a variety of locations in the Bay Area.  


This year’s scenery includes lush gardens, redwood trees, rustic ranches, beaches and rolling hills.

So there's definitely something for everyone!! 

This event is the perfect excuse to dress up and get out of the house with your family to get some new beautiful photos taken! Below is more information about the fall mini sessions and if you are interested, please get in touch soon to get all the details and link to book your spot before they sell out!

D A T E S  &  L O C A T I O N S :

_2023 Fall Minis 1.jpg
_2023 Fall Minis 2.jpg
_2023 Fall Minis 3.jpg

**** Weather conditions affects nature, therefore I cannot guarantee the location will look exactly as how the internet portrays it. We’re currently in a drought—locations may be drier than usual. *** 

_2023 Fall Minis 4.jpg
_2023 Fall Minis 5.jpg
_2023 Fall Minis 6.jpg

Fanny Huynh is a Fine Art Photographer with focus on
Wedding & Family photography

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